Out of the Comfort Zone

To progress with audacious ambition, OR to remain passive and complacent?

Raising the bar by stepping out of your zone of comfort is no little effort. Requiring time, concentration, determination, resilience and the ability to maintain a level of calm collectiveness…the balance can seem quite impossible. Maybe that’s because we are impossible beings in a universes where many things are seemingly possible…

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is all-together an anxiety ridden effort that often confronts your common sense and examines your intuition. Will anything go haywire along your expedition to migrate away from familiar grounds? The question of the unknown is challenging enough to lure, yet speculative enough to surrender.

In the end, one complex decision remains: To step out of your comfort zone OR to not step out of your comfort zone?

I am sure there are a million answers and even more personal testimonies and opinions. However, if you never try, you will never know the value of raising your level of comfort. There is just something so confidently alluring about stepping outside your bubble to overcome and accomplish even the simplest of tasks. Are you up to the challenge?

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