Bucket-List Massachusetts

Calling all Massachusetts residents, travels, visitors and fans.  What if I came up with a list of hidden gems in Massachusetts that are well worth your time, travel and money?  Would this be of interest to you?

This idea came to me after hopelessly searching for great places to take a day trip/explore around Massachusetts.  I feel like no such list exists, which makes me sad…and there is so much to explore in the state of Massachusetts!  Maybe that’s why this grand list doesn’t exist, because there is just too much ground to cover.  Well I want to cover it for you and I want to blog about it!  Not only do I want to write about my travels around Massachusetts, but also, I want locals like you to weigh in and let me know your opinions as well.

Ideally, I would like this to be a list of hidden gems more focused on actual places to see/visit than restaurants.  However, I can’t help but throw a really good food place now and then, plus what would a list of Massachusetts be without some great restaurants and bars?!

Do you think this grand list is a great idea?  Comment below!

9 responses to “Bucket-List Massachusetts

    • Completely agree! I don’t even get out to western MA as much as I like to! Actually this ‘bucket-list’ idea was sparked after I went out to Western MA last weekend and saw how much there is to see and do!

  1. Would definately be interested . I rarely travel to western Massachusetts , so I’d be interested . I have a place in the South End neighborhood that pretty much only locals know about. Mike ‘ s Diner in the South End on Tremont Street. Wicked awesome breakfasts !

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